Remedies For Teeth Pain

Home Remedies For Teeth Pain

Remedies for Teeth Pain

You can find various home remedies for teeth pain. These can be used to reduce the swelling and pain. Some of these include peppermint, Clove oil, Plantain leaves, and Peppermint tea. They are all effective. Here are a few ways to use these home remedies. These are safe and natural and will give you the relief you need. They will also help you feel better fast. Just make sure to follow instructions carefully to avoid causing further damage to your teeth.

Baking soda

You may be surprised to learn that baking soda can soothe toothache. Its anti-inflammatory properties can ease swelling. Its antibacterial properties can also treat a tooth infection. This home remedy is great for preventing bad breath and helping your gums stay healthy. Here are a few more ways baking soda can help you. Use it as a mouthwash or apply it to your gums as a toothpaste. It will relieve your pain and swelling immediately!

Clove oil

While most people are not aware that clove oil is good for teeth, it can relieve toothache symptoms. It also has antibacterial, anti fungal, and pain-relieving properties. Although dental professionals don’t recommend using clove oil as a toothache remedy, they do say that it can relieve some of the symptoms of a toothache. It’s a good idea to seek dental care before attempting any home remedies to ease tooth pain, however.

Plantain leaves

The use of plantain leaves has long been valued for its many medicinal properties. This tropical fruit contains calcium, iron, and Vitamin K. Leaves can be eaten raw or added to salads. The leaves of the plantain are also eaten for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. Depending on the type of plantain used, the leaves may be rubbed into the affected areas or applied to a wound for relief.

Peppermint tea

Tea made from peppermint leaves has antibacterial properties, and it can be used as an effective remedy for teeth pain. If the pain is coming from the tooth, a few drops on a cotton ball can provide a soothing effect. It also works for teeth and gum infections, since peppermint’s numbing effect does not reach the nerves or bacteria inside the tooth. To learn more about the benefits of peppermint tea for teeth, read on to discover the many benefits of this beverage.

Willow bark

Among the many natural home remedies for teeth pain, willow bark is often considered one of the most effective. A typical dose of willow bark is 240mg. Willow bark can cause painful gastric ulcers and is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. It can also cause liver damage, and has been associated with higher risk of digestive cancers. Some studies have also found that willow bark can cause Reye’s syndrome in children, a condition in which a person’s brain swells and bleeding.


Ibuprofen is one of the most popular over-the-counter medications for dental pain. It is effective for a number of conditions and is well tolerated by most people. However, it can cause gastro-intestinal upset in some individuals. Often, it is used in conjunction with paracetamol. As with many drugs, ibuprofen should be used in moderation and only as directed by a doctor.

Vicks vapor rub

Using Vicks VapoRub for teeth pain can help relieve the discomfort of toothache. The solution can be applied to the outside of the cheek and helps reduce pain and edema. The product also maintains heat in the tooth. You can also apply it to the jaw line and the nerves of the teeth. This remedy is effective for both temporary and long-term toothache relief. For best results, use Vicks VapoRub as directed.